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Leasing FAQ

Are new businesses eligible to apply?
Generally, your business must have been operating and under existing ownership for at least four years. Rarely, new companies can be considered if owned by an existing business entity. Only businesses in the US are eligible to apply.

What is the minimum dollar amount that can be financed?
$10,000 is the minimum amount that can be financed. There is no maximum limit.

What kind of financing is offered?
FX Financial offers two-, three-, four-, and five-year leases and equipment finance agreements (EFAs). A variety of structures are available to fit your monthly budget and accounting needs.

What is the rate?
Rates are determined by credit history, the type and cost of the equipment, and the term chosen. Contact FX Financial today for an instant quote.

Are the monthly lease payments tax deductible?
Monthly lease payments may be completely tax deductible. After receiving a quote from FX Financial, contact your accountant for limitations regarding your business and the different financing structures.