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Equipment Financing
FX Financial™ a leading provider of financing for entertainment technology in the U.S. Let us help you with your financing needs.

  • 1 Expertise – Entertainment Technology Specific
  • 2 Competitive - Low, Fixed Loan and Lease Rates
  • 3 Efficient - Quick Applications, Satisfied Customers
Equipment Financing Services

FX Financial is industry specific, focusing on
the following segments of the production and entertainment industry:

  • Production Houses
  • Rental Companies
  • Digital Cinema
  • Studios / Post Production
  • Theatres
  • Visual and Themed Environments
  • Events & Large Venues

The Benefits of Financing with FX Financial
FX Financial allows you to purchase the equipment you need today while spreading your payments over time. You pay as you earn revenue, not up front—freeing up capital for investments or other business expenses instead of tying it up in fixed assets.

Initial Qualifications
Your business must have been operating and under existing ownership for at least four years. Only businesses in the US are eligible to apply.


FX Financial has worked with thousands of customers, arranging financing for:

  • Automated Theatrical Lighting
  • Conventional Theatrical Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Digital Cameras
  • Projection
  • Audio
  • Digital Cinema
  • Video/Video Processing
  • Rigging & Truss
  • Necessary installation costs